Uhrina · Reken · Potoma, Legal Counsels

Uhrina · Reken · Potoma
Ventúrska 1
811 01 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

tel.: +421 2 5443 1117
fax.: +421 2 5443 1325
cell. +421 905 308 674
e-mail: office@urp.sk
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Uhrina · Reken · Potoma is the law firm associating attorneys-at-law licensed both for Slovak Republic and for Czech Republic, which enables this partnership to provide the legal services within Slovak and Czech legal system.

Uhrina · Reken · Potoma is based in Bratislava, right in the middle of the area of Slovak Republic and Czech Republic. This fact enables to provide as effectively as possible legal services within the entire area, which is appreciated especially by international clients who carry out the business in both republics.

Formally, the firm is a partnership engaging presently 4 inside attorneys-at-law, 2 associates and 1 employee specialized in financial and business consultancy, so the clients receive requested advice very promptly and always in time. The partnership is supported by experienced administrative staff, and is furnished with all technical facilities necessary for a law firm, such as computers, notebooks, telefaxes, scanners, photocopiers, computer network, E-mail and Internet.

The partnership has been established in order to provide the important clients with required legal services in especially high level of quality. We are able to provide our international clients with services in such standards as they may expect from an international law firm, as our lawyers have experiences obtained during their studies abroad and when working with foreign companies.

Strategy of the Uhrina · Reken · Potoma is to provide its clients, particularly business entities, with full legal service. Therefore the partnership associates lawyers specializing in corporate law, business law, labor law, business and civil litigation, contract law, financial law as wall as telecommunication law.

High quality of the services, long term international experiences of the professional stuff, language skills, emphases on good reputation and reliability of services, fair prices and fair and transparent billing are the main features of the partnership. The list of most known clients of the partnership is the best proof of credibility of these proclamations.